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Data-driven investment decisions and accurate underwriting within seconds. Source, evaluate, share, and close more deals effortlessly and way ahead of competition with industry’s leading commercial real estate platform.

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Even with amazing excel skills and templates, thorough underwriting and professional reports take time. With IntellCRE you and your team can work better and much faster!

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2 seconds to upload rents or operating data

less than 10 seconds to setup analysis

3 seconds to calculate all metrics, cashflows and forecasts

1 click to share branded packages, reports and property websites

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What others say about us
Dusty Bates

Dusty Bates

Multifamily and Net Lease Investment Specialist
eXp Commercial
Intellcre has been a game-changer for my business

I've been using IntellCRE for a few months now, and it's been a game-changer for my business. Previously, I struggled with cumbersome software tools that didn't efficiently meet my needs. IntellCRE, however, provides a streamlined solution for valuing prospect's property. No more juggling PowerPoint, Excel spreadsheets, and other programs - with IntellCRE, I can swiftly gather and format the data I need to share with clients so they can quickly make important decisions about their investment strategies. It's significantly reduced my workload and improved my efficiency when producing property valuations. I highly recommend this platform.

Randolph Taylor

Randolph Taylor

Senior Associate, Multifamily Investment Sales Broker
eXp Commercial
Using IntellCRE, I’ve become much more efficient in my underwriting processes, which has been a considerable advantage in my role.

As a multifamily investment sales broker, I was on the lookout for ways to enhance my speed and efficiency in property underwriting. Discovering IntellCRE was a game-changer for me. The AI rent & expense extractor has significantly reduced the time spent on manual data entry, virtually eliminating the margin for error in processing rents, leases, and expenses. Real-time market data has been invaluable, allowing me to automate my market research and make quick, informed decisions. The price auto-estimate feature provides instant pricing insights, streamlining the buy/sell process. Additionally, the ability to easily generate and share marketing materials and collaborate on deals has improved my workflow. Using IntellCRE, I’ve become much more efficient in my underwriting processes, which has been a considerable advantage in my role.

Eric von Bluecher

Eric von Bluecher

Principal with Lee & Associates in San Diego and head of the Multifamily Advisory Group
Lee & Associates
Intellcre helps us improve efficiencies and ultimately save time and money

Hey, it's Eric von Blucher with Lee & Associates multifamily group for San Diego County. We run a team of a handful of brokers that specializes in deals from 4 to 100 units for San Diego County. We use IntellCRE to quickly underwrite deals which helps us keep costs down and also improve efficiencies, with easily ran underwriting through the IntellCRE platform. We're also using the the Dealbox on our website to quickly and efficiently capture leads and allow investors and potential clients to upload their rents and expenses in which we can quickly process and underwrite those deals and then shoot it back to that same prospects with estimated numbers, estimated go to market rates, etc. So those two items are big items for us to help improve efficiencies and ultimately save time and money.

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Streamline your real estate underwriting
Rent roll expense extractor

AI Rent & Expense

Our AI automatically extracts rent and expense data from uploaded documents. Save time and prevent costly errors for you and your clients by eliminating manual processing of rents, leases and expenses into spreadsheets.

Real time real estate data

Market Data

Get all-inclusive market data automatically, adjust them according to your preference, or simply compare your rents to market. Level the playing field by automating your market research and win more deals!

Real Estate price auto-evaluation

price auto-estimate

IntellCRE’s price auto-estimate allows you to see the optimal price at which to sell or buy your deal depending on automatically pulled data such as sales comps, property characteristics, and more. Always know your price, instantly.

Sales and rent comparables

Sales & Rent

IntellCRE automatically loads comparables based on property characteristics, and geography and allows you to add or import your own library of comps for customized underwriting and valuation. No more going back-and-forth between incomplete data sources - we got you covered!

Marketing package

Marketing packages &
Property websites

Create and share professionally branded packages, reports, and property websites within minutes - all on the go. IntellCRE saves days of time and thousands of dollars that go into marketing and building of reports.

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Property website
Complete financials
Map and area
Deal highlights
Company branding
PDF export
Real estate collaboration tool

Pipeline overview
and collaboration

Manage your entire deal pipeline in one place. Compare and collaborate on deals seamlessly across your team. Share deals with your clients or colleagues in real time.

All metrics and property insights

All metrics and property insights

Professional underwriting and investment decisions within seconds. View all revenue metrics, operating statements, and detailed cashflows and make the right data-driven decisions easier and faster.

Dealbox, tool for passive deal sourcing


Passively source new deals, property data, and new clients without the hassle of endless cold calling or emails. Drive traffic to your website and capture valuable data about your clients and potential deals efficiently and seamlessly.

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Set your or your clients search criteria and let us do the heavy lifting for you. Get notified every time a matching deal appears on the market. Streamline deal sourcing and have a competitive edge over competition.

Ideal for every use case
Benefits you can't live without

Automate your workflows and grow your business with the right tools



Be the first one at client’s doorstep.

Underwrite deals faster and more accurately

Complete more proposals for new business

Professional marketing brochures ready on the go

Close more deals, get more commissions



Never miss out on a profitable deal again.

Spend less time underwriting and more time winning deals

Reliable deal evaluation always in your pocket

Access same transparent data as big real estate firms

Negotiate each deal to it’s max each and every time

Analysts, Lenders & Appraisers

Analysts, Lenders & Appraisers

Get more done, more accurately in a fraction of time.

No more errors thanks to AI data extraction

Combine light-speed analysis with your expertise

Turn hours of market research into seconds

Save database costs with our live market data

Managers & Operators

Managers & Operators

Stay on top of your assets and operations.

Run your assets through IntellCRE to stay on top of rents

Detailed Cashflows and reports within seconds

Easily compare between assets

Save hundreds of dollars monthly on data and software


No hidden charges. Cancel or change plan anytime.



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limited properties

$348$261billed annually
save 25%

Ideal for smaller investors, managers, operators and residential brokers

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unlimited properties, comparables

$1,188$891billed annually
save 25%

Perfect for professional investors, brokers, lenders, analysts & appraisers

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product customization, dealbox, dealfinder

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All plans include

Underwriting & Analysis

AI document extraction

Detailed Cash Flows

All investment returns & metrics

Forecasts and profit projections

Custom investment criteria

Multifamily & Commercial Rent Rolls

Multiple Financing Scenarios

Property Comparisons

Professional Exports

Branded marketing packages

Property websites

Investment proposals

Offering Memorandums

Property flyers

Printable PDF reports


Real-time market rents

Walkability scores

Create your own data points

Plug in your own library of submarket comps

Team collaboration

Shared property pipeline

Deal pipeline overview

Universal organization settings

Shared document exports

Admin user management

Get the Winning edge in the real estate market

Why choose Intellcre
Multi-sourced property and market information

We combine data from leading data providers and online sources so our users need just one instead of multiple partial service subscriptions.

Quickest and easiest underwriting on the market

Our users can screen deals or complete professional underwriting in just a few seconds, easily and effortlessly

Best value for a buck

With IntellCRE, quality meets affordability. With our professional plans starting at $74 per month, you cannot find better rates elsewhere.

All the tools you will ever need in one

Our innovative solutions revolve around property analysis but by far do not end there. We offer tools for passive and active deal sourcing, skip tracing, marketing packages, deal management, and more.

Designed by investors and brokers, fine-tuned for you

Our platform is designed by seasoned investors and brokers to address pains and challenges associated with each deal and to deliver maximal value for each CRE professional. You can work with our team to help design innovative new features that tailor-fit your business needs.